Has your score changed?

This shift to Ansonia Credit Data credit scores and days-to-pay history could be the reason, because Ansonia is a different provider with unique data contributors. DAT selected Ansonia for its extensive database of contributors as well as its leading reputation in transportation credit.

Important note:
The dispute process is reserved for companies denied credit, or with the “potential” to be denied credit due to a discrepancy in Days-to-Pay or Risk Scores.

DAT and Ansonia want your credit score to be an accurate reflection of your payment history. The accuracy of your credit score is a top priority to us.

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Why credit scores are important:

As you know, carriers decide which loads to haul based on a variety of factors. One important part of the picture is your credit score - it's an indicator to carriers that they will get paid quickly. A credit score gauges a company’s creditworthiness and is based on a number of criteria including the number of days it takes you to make payments to your creditors based on payment trends collected from data contributors, alerts, bankruptcies, collection agency activity and other credit indicators gathered from a number of sources.

Establishing a Credit Score

What is a data contributor?

A data contributor is a company who extends trade credit to you (including factoring companies, carriers, 3PLs, railroads, fuel, tires, etc.) and who contributes its payment history to Ansonia Credit Data, DAT’s credit provider.

How to begin building a credit score:

As a DAT customer, when you work with companies who are data contributors, (submit their trade data file to DAT’s credit provider Ansonia Credit Data), you will begin to establish credit for your brokerage.

After two different data contributors have reported your payments for two months, on the third month your brokerage will be eligible to receive a credit score.

Just like building your personal credit, it takes time and the better your brokerage pays its carriers (the data contributors), the better your credit score.

Tips for responsibly building credit

  • Be set up to receive invoices from companies via email rather than mail
  • Have your accounting department check emails every day
  • Pay companies via ACH or eCheck to cut out mail delays
  • If you don’t receive all the necessary paperwork from a carrier in a timely manner, be proactive and track it down. Waiting will only hurt your score.
  • Manage your growth steadily; too many sudden contributors and inquiries can be a red flag!